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Returning to Work

The type of stroke and level of resulting disability will impact on whether it will be safe and practical for you to return to work. Getting back to work may be another goal of your rehabilitation. A vocational assessment service is available in the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dublin to people under age 65 who have had a stroke. The aim of this service is to consider vocational options, working with you, to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, skills and experience.

Together with the rehabilitation team you should discuss the best way to approach your employer about returning to work, possibly in a phased way. You may need to make some adaptations or changes if your stroke has affected your ability to manage computers or machinery that is relevant to your job. Many workplaces will have an occupational health service which may be able to help you and your workplace to adapt to your present condition.

The Occupational Guidance Service in your area may also be able to assist. They provide information, advice, support and direction to people with a disability who wish to access rehabilitative training and sheltered services.

Occupational Guidance Officer, LimerickTel.: 061 461263
Occupational Guidance Officer, TipperaryTel.: 061 461455
Occupational Guidance Officer, ClareTel.: 065 6868450

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