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Stroke Unit Staff

When you come to the Stroke Unit you will be admitted by the medical and nursing staff. This is followed by assessment by other members of the team e.g., Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Speech and Language Therapist if appropriate. The physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy departments are open Monday to Friday. Team discussion is frequent so that all aspects of your treatment programme can be reviewed. An important part of the doctors role is to discover what caused the stroke and prevent another stroke occurring. Risk factors for stroke can be identified by performing some simple tests; most of these investigations can be done in the day hospital located on the ground floor of the rehabilitation centre.

Referrals to other professionals/specialists may also be required to help in the recovery of someone who has experienced a stroke. e.g. Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Vascular Surgeon. In time, most people return home with the support of their General practitioner (GP) and community care team. The stroke rehabilitation team may arrange therapy as an outpatient after discharge.


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